Bloke Climbs Building Balcony To Rescue A Dog

Bloke Climbs Building Balcony To Rescue A Dog

This was some suspenseful shit.

I dunno how the dog ended up in such a pickle, but it appears to be stuck in the railing of a balcony and lots of folks have noticed. A crowd has gathered.

I believe this vid was shot in Colombia according to the reddit post.

A bloke on the floor above first looks like he wants to poke the dog back to safety using a broom.

He then goes: “naaaaah, gonna have to roll my sleeves up and go for a climb”. He puts a lot of trust in the quality of the balcony railing…

The thrilling rescue video is below:

There’s a pleasant ending, eh?

I wonder if he climbed back down to his apartment or just stayed on the balcony until the owner came home?

I always find the climb downs scarier so probs would’ve stayed up there. As long as someone could chuck me a beer or two, and snacks, I’d last for a while up there.

It seems like Dog Rescue should become a sport in Colombia. The blokes in the video below put in a solid effort as well:

Good shit!

Top Bloke Awards for all involved in the videos embedded here.