Beautician who quit day job now runs successful naked home cleaning business

PA Real Life-Victoria Murphy-Naked cleaner

Beautician who quit day job now runs successful naked home cleaning business

Fortunes can be made providing a service to people who don’t wanna do certain s**t themselves. Things like having your car washed, doing ya bloody taxes, or having your domestic duties and cleaning taken care of at ya house. Outsourcing the stuff ya don’t wanna do for yourself is a great way to free up time when ya working flat out or got a bunch of snotty nosed kids taking up the majority of your life.

The concept of getting a professional cleaner to help with jobs around your joint is not new, but 25-year-old Victoria Murphy from Edinburgh in Scotland is putting a cheeky spin on the tedious job of keeping ya place in tip-top shape.

Victoria (PA Real Life/Collect)

After graduating with a degree in events management and working as a beautician, Victoria launched a cleaning business that employs Sheila’s to do your domestic duties in skimpy knickers, and sometimes even less.

She’s making pretty good coin too, charging anywhere from $100 – $140 per hour depending on the level of nudity.

Victoria (PA Real Life/Collect)

A lot of the time ya can get the s**ts with a boss that’s outta touch and has no clue what you do on a day to day basis, but to Victoria’s credit, she sussed out the potential for her business idea by doing the hard yards herself in the beginning.

Victoria said:

“I didn’t want to put my staff into any situation I had not experienced myself”


This ain’t just about blokes just gettin’ a saucy view either. Victoria reckons all cleaning jobs are completed to a high standard like any other professional cleaning business, it’s just that the ah, uniform is a little different.

Victoria makes sure she looks after her staff, saying:

“None of my staff ever have to do anything they don’t feel comfortable with,” Victoria added. 

“The client will choose the option they prefer and I will match the cleaner to that choice.”


So what do the clients do while the cleaners are doing their thing?

Victoria said:

“They imagine they just sit there while the cleaner puts on a show, but that’s not what we do.

“A lot of clients have never done anything like this before and are often quite shy.

“So the cleaner will chat and engage with them, but, most importantly, they’ll get on with the job of cleaning the house.”

Victoria has got big plans for her business too, hoping to expand out of Edinburgh and into Glasgow, Aberdeen and other areas of Scotland. Not content with just servicing the male demographic, she’s wants to get some female clientele on board too with a Naked Handyman service for the lasses.

Final Thought:

What’s that sayin’ about ‘necessity being the mother of invention’ right? If there’s a demand for this sorta service, and Vic’s able to capitalise on that, good on her I reckon. If someone was coming to scrub my toilets and sweep my floors, I couldn’t give a fat frogs fart what they are wearing, so long as I don’t have to bloody do it ay!

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