9 year old boy gets 5000 adoption requests after heartbreaking news story

Credit: KFOR Oklahoma's News 4

9 year old boy gets 5000 adoption requests after heartbreaking news story

One of the really s**t things about the world is that life just kicks some people in the d*ck from a real young age. And nah, we’re not gonna make jokes about that in this instance. There’s way too many kids who have to do it tough because circumstances outside of their control have been s**thouse. Fortunately, for one young bloke who’s been struggling through a dodgy hand, things look to be getting better…

The young bloke in question, Jordan, is only nine, but he’s already spent six years in foster care – and been separated from his younger brother who was adopted without him. We don’t care who you are, that’s gotta tug at your heart-strings.

Credit: KFOR Oklahoma’s News 4

Still, things seem to be looking up for Jordan. According to News.com.au, after appearing on KFOR news, some 5000 people inquired about adopting him within twelve hours.

In his interview, the little fella was asked what his wish was. His answer:

“Family. Family. That’s the only wish I have. To get a mum or dad, or just a mom. Or just a dad – I don’t really care…so I could have some people to talk to anytime I need to.”

Christopher Marlowe, the state worker looking after Jordan spoke about the thousands of requests to adopt Jordan. “I’m in the process of reading through those profiles to select a family to try to move forward with.” He reckons that Jordan’s been through a whole lot compared to most kids.

Credit: KFOR Oklahoma’s News 4

Marlowe reckons they’ll be able to get Jordan with a foster home within six months, but they’re trying to keep it on the down-low in case his hopes are dashed. With any luck, though, they’ll be able to keep him close to his brother in Oklahoma.

“His brother’s adoptive family has been agreeable to that and even if things go well, they said they would be willing to take them out on day passes so they could spend some good quality time together.”

Credit: KFOR Oklahoma’s News 4

Final thought: Mate, this one’s easy. We hope s**t works out for Jordan. He’s got a long life ahead of him, and we hope it’s a f**ken good one. Fingers crossed.

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