Woman details ‘most singularly awful meal of her life’, from a Michelin-starred restaurant

Woman details ‘most singularly awful meal of her life’, from a Michelin-starred restaurant

Usually, when you see that a restaurant has a Michelin star, it’s a pretty good sign that the food will be spectacular, the presentation will be immaculate, and the experience will be sensational. Usually. For Geraldine DeRuiter, a food blogger, that wasn’t the case. Yeah, nah, her trip to Bros’ in Italy was pretty much the complete opposite of that…

By now, you may be aware of this story, but if you’re not, strap yourself in because it’s a wild ride and it’s one that’ll get you feeling everything from mirth to revulsion. Yeah, nah, it really is that good.

Basically, DeRuiter is an author, a blogger, a public speaker, and a lucky bugger who gets to eat all around the world. To say she was excited to tuck into a 27-course meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant in southern Italy is probably fair. Italy is, after all, renowned for great food.

Credit: @everywhereist

As you can imagine, though, things didn’t turn out that way. Yeah, nah, they just didn’t. DeRuiter went so far as to describe it as the ‘most singularly awful meal of her life’. In her blog, she claimed, “There is something to be said about a truly disastrous meal, a meal forever indelible in your memory because it’s so uniquely bad, it can only be deemed an achievement. The sort of meal where everyone involved was definitely trying to do something; it’s just not entirely clear what.”

This was the largest course of the 27 (We got six noodles and one piece of bread each) I’ve added the bread plate for scale. Credit: @everywhereist

A course for *two* people at Bros. Credit: @everywhereist

These reconstituted orange slices (one per person) were a course. Credit: @everywhereist

Rand holding up one of the courses – a paper-thin fish cracker – in its entirety. Credit: @everywhereist

This was a main course. It’s about a tablespoon of food. Credit: @everywhereist

A sliver of oyster loaf with foam. David’s face here says more than I ever can. Credit: @everywhereist

Teaspoon of olive ice cream. Credit: @everywhereist

She goes on to say, “What followed was a 27-course meal (note that “course” and “meal” and “27” are being used liberally here) which spanned 4.5 hours and made me feel like I was a character in a Dickensian novel. Because – I cannot impart this enough – there was nothing even close to an actual meal served. Some “courses” were slivers of edible paper. Some shots were glasses of vinegar. Everything tasted like fish, even the non-fish courses.”

Rand tries to figure out what part of this dish is edible. Credit: @everywhereist

Another course – a citrus foam – was served in a plaster cast of the chef’s mouth. Absent utensils, we were told to lick it out of the chef’s mouth in a scene that I’m pretty sure was stolen from an eastern European horror film. Credit: @everywhereist

The meat droplet course. Credit: @everywhereist

A marshmallow flavored like cuttlefish. Credit: @everywhereist

Credit: @everywhereist

Credit: @everywhereist

Of course, we won’t just copy the blog-post whole. Nah, you can check that out here. What’s worth pointing out, though, is that after the story went viral on Twitter, the head chef responded. We can’t do that justice with a little re-telling of it here, but check it out in this thread. It’s epic.

Credit: @everywhereist

Credit: @everywhereist

Credit: @everywhereist

Credit: @everywhereist

Final thought: Yeah, we’ve all been to places and received bad food. If you’ve ever experienced anything bordering on this, let us know. See you in the Facebook comments.

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