Leopard Learns Valuable Lesson About Trying To Attack Porcupines

Leopard Learns Valuable Lesson About Trying To Attack Porcupines

Nature is pretty crazy as f*ck. Remember the Battle at Kruger where a pride of lions was attacking that wildebeest then a f*cken crocodile comes out of the water to also have a go at the wildebeest then the lions and crocodile were like ‘fuck you’ ‘let go’ ‘nah fuck you let go’ ‘nah fuck you’ ‘let go’ ‘nah fuck off I was here first mate’. Yeah that was pretty epic.

If you feel like reliving that insane battle you can do so below:

Below is another video of natures craziness from the very same national park in Africa. It starts off innocently enough, with two porcupines just having a laugh and living it up. Then you can see a leopard behind them, kinda stalking them a bit. All of a sudden the leopard crouches, and looks like it’s going to charge the pair. It’s unclear whether the porcupines can see the leopard or not.


All of a sudden the leopard has a quick go at one, then stops, and turns its attention to the other one, effectively separating the two. It then goes in full charge mode and fully charges the other one, and they have a little tussle.

It’s when the porcupine disengages and runs away that you can kind of guess what happened. The leopard looks as surprised as a leopard can look, and has a face and chest full of barbs. The porcupine successfully got its back the predator and unleashed a whole suite of pain onto the cat.


The leopard isn’t the only animal to be on the wrong side of a porcupine of late. It was only weeks ago footage went viral of a boa constrictor that appeared to have tried to devour the animal, but was unprepared for a counter attack.


It’s clear that porcupines are sending a warning to the rest of the animal kingdom that they are not to be f*ucked with. Check out the latest message on the player below: