Young Aussie Fellas Catch Massive Mudcrabs For Lunch

Young Aussie Fellas Catch Massive Mudcrabs For Lunch

The TarraDarraBros on YouTube have caught a nice feed in their latest video.

This is the first time I’ve seen their channel and they have a collection of mint videos on there.

They even show ya how to cook up your catch in the second half of the video.

Great to see some bloody teen reprobates (I’m stereotyping like an old man of course) learning and practising traditional hunter gatherer living. Bloody love the indigenous soundtrack at the beginning as well.

It’s outback Bear Grylls meets Master Chef.

Check out the high octane, adrenaline fuelled hunting video below:

There’s a lovely suspense with their videos that they could fuck something up any second. They seem to get by after a bit of banter and bickering just fine though. Pure gold.

What do ya reckon?

If you’re a city slicker would you have what it takes to walk about in the mangroves bare foot and catch ya lunch?

Top effort fellas!