First Dates Contestant Removes Her Wig, Man’s Response Goes Viral

First Dates Contestant Removes Her Wig, Man’s Response Goes Viral

For girls trying online dating, their biggest fear is getting matched with a serial killer. For most blokes, it’s a chubby. Yeah, blokes would rather date a serial killer than a chubby woman. Oh yeah, and woman want tall blokes too. Picky picky picky…

Well in Britain there is a dating show called “First Dates” where two people are set up and are filmed while on the.. first date. It’s pretty brutal being on a first date and I imagine it would be way harder with a film crew (and most of the UK watching)!


Eve Betts was on one of these dates with a man named Jordan who is from south Wales. Eve has a bit of a secret that we can all say would be good to get out of the bag as early as possible, because it’s quite a big secret. She has no hair.


Eve has alopecia, which is a disease, preventing hair growth. This means she is wearing a wig. Once Jordan brought up the fact that he wore a top knot, she decided that was the right time to tell him about her wig.


She went away to fix up her wig, and in the bathroom said: “One of the main reasons I wanted to do beauty was because I went through school and I was bullied. I didn’t have any eyebrows. I don’t ever feel upset about it. [But] it’s really hard. My parents have to save really hard for me to have nice hair.”


Once back at the table, all eyes were on Jordan to see how he would react. “You look beautiful” he says, then “The best date I’ve been on”. Awwww. I think it might be the start of something here.

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