Bloke’s spreadsheet of friend’s income has people going off about “Broke Bobby” who makes $125k a year

Credit: @tcruznc/TikTok

Bloke’s spreadsheet of friend’s income has people going off about “Broke Bobby” who makes $125k a year

Depending on the way you see the world and how much you value common sense s**t, you may or may not keep track of how much money your friends make. If we’re honest, we’re really hoping you don’t. Yeah, nah, that sort of thing takes a really special sort of person, and we’re not sure it’s the kind we wanna have a beer with. Nevertheless, it’s exactly what Tom Cruz does. Apparently, it’s all for pragmatic purposes, but we’ve gotta say, it leaves a taste in the mouth, especially when you consider the way he’s classified ‘Broke Bobby’s 125k a year income.

All right, we could get bogged down in a few things in this one, so we’re gonna try to keep it fairly clean-cut. To start with, Tom classifies himself as an investor, and says he has more than 380 rental houses. If that’s the case, he’s clearly living on a different planet to many of us.

And that’s proven when he shows off his ‘Forbes Friends List’. Yeah, he keeps a solid list of his friends incomes, along with information about how much they’re happy to spend on holidays, whether they’ll travel to ‘third-world countries’, book a private flight, or are a degenerate gambler.

All of that sounds pretty f**ken gross, but the one part that’s really got people talking is the fact that one of his mates, Broke Bobby, earns 125k, more than four times the national US average and yet, he’s been classified as ‘broke’.

Understandably, some people are a bit confused. One Twitter user is like, “Here I am tryna get Broke Bobby money,” while another shared a crying cat meme and commented, “when your entire family doesn’t even touch Broke Bobby.”

Final thought: Yeah, as we said above, this one leaves a taste in the mouth. There’s no doubt that the world takes all sorts, but this just seems so far removed from reality that it’s kinda gross. Still, we should probably ask you lot what you reckon rather than give our opinion. So, let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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