This sheila’s ‘dumbest question ever’ on TikTok divides the internet!

Credit: Gracie Cunningham

This sheila’s ‘dumbest question ever’ on TikTok divides the internet!

We only mentioned it the other day, but if there’s one thing bloody Twitter is good for, it’s watching strangers discuss, debate and argue over s**t. And that brings us to today’s post. Shortly after a sheila from the States questioned the history of algebra, some people on the platform started jumping down her throat. Much to her surprise, though, her support came from an unlikely place – bloody maths nerds!

Yeah, nah, this is, as someone put it to us, one of those stories where a positive comes from a negative. It all started when a TikTok user by the name of Gracie uploaded a video where she asked some pretty pointed questions about algebra.

“I just wanted to tell you guys that I don’t think Math is real…like who came up with this – and you’re all gonna be like Pythagreus – but HOW? He didn’t even have plumbing but he was like, ‘let me worry about Y=MX+B.’ And like, what did he need it for?”

And you’ve gotta admit that they’re fair questions. Of course, though, some people don’t see it that way. Another sheila shared Gracie’s TikTok, claiming it was the ‘dumbest video they’d ever seen’.

And that’s when the maths nerds came to Gracie’s rescue. Instead of criticising the young lass, they were like, “Yeah, nah, what we want is critical thinking, and that’s what Gracie is doing.”

Take Maths Professor, Jordan Ellenberg for example. He was said, “I’m pissed people are mocking this kid. She asks great questions, whose answers aren’t obvious, and which math classes should address.”

Another user said, “Trying to conceptualize why something exists shows far more intelligence than just accepting its existence at face value…. math has a really interesting history & all she’s doing is expressing her thoughts on it, nothing “dumb” about it.”

And that’s what we reckon too. As for Gracie, she’s since uploaded another video rephrasing her questions and hoping people will give that one a squiz too.

We reckon you should check them both out.

Final thought: What we have to say here is that we’re far from academic, but what we love about this is that people are celebrating the questioning of the knowledge. And really, that’s how we improve as a society and a race. Sure, sometimes the questions are framed differently, but at their core, they’re critical questions, and if school doesn’t teach us that, it teaches us nothing. Good s**t, Gracie. Good s**t.

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Video Link: Gracie Cunningham