Kanye West & Donald Trump share bromance on Twitter

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Kanye West & Donald Trump share bromance on Twitter

G’day folks, Chuck here again with a wrap-up of one of this week’s ‘biggest’ stories: the Kanye/Trump Twitter love affair.

Yes, for some reason, Kanye’s tweets were big news across the world. The famous rapper, and long-time gay fish, took to Twitter this week to announce his admiration for Trump – at 2.30 in the morning.

In the tweet, West proclaims his love for the President and claims they are both ‘dragon energy’. I’m not sure if that’s anything like Charlie Sheen’s Tiger Blood, but yeah, it probably is. Keeping that in mind, how exactly does one become dragon energy? Do you have to have been on Reality TV? Do you just have to get online and talk loads of sh**? Yeah-nah, I dunno, but it seems like a pretty cool thing to have on your CV.

Trump was quick to respond to the Tweet in his usual eloquent style.

I won’t bother mentioning that the President should probably have someone check his grammar for run-on sentences/comma splices, but you know ‘covfefe’ and all that. At least his message is understandable on this occasion. Small victories.

The media clearly didn’t give a sh** about anything else happening in the world at this moment because they were all over it.

Some called Kanye out and accused him of mental illness; others took the more cynical approach and asked if there was an album coming out soon and if this was all a publicity stunt. You can decide what you think, but it culminated with Kim Kardashian getting involved.

She repeated something I’ve heard way too many times: Kanye is years ahead of his time. F**ken wrong!

Yes, this incredibly banal media sh**storm saw Kanye’s wife telling him to clarify himself to help shut down the haters – and there were many. West lost ten million followers shortly after he started tweeting about his boner for Trump.

West, Yeezy, the Gay Fish, whatever you want to call him, managed that in the best way he could. By talking about himself.

So far ahead of his time, his hobbit wife tells him what to Tweet.

Final Thought: Yeah, it’s not easy to take Kanye West seriously. He basically seems to be the bastard child of an internet troll and an attention seeker. He’s always tweeting absolute bullsh** and talking about himself. Bearing in mind he’s just announced two upcoming albums, it’s no surprise he’s engineered a way to get back in the spotlight. He might be a gay fish, but he’s a successful one.

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