Internet is stunned after discovering BBQ’s are free to use in Australian parks

Internet is stunned after discovering BBQ’s are free to use in Australian parks

The bloody barbecue. Of all the iconic Australian symbols, there really aren’t many that are held in higher regard. We’re not sure whether it’s a result of our mostly grouse weather, our working class heritage, or the abundance of quality meat and produce our farmers pump out on the regular, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a Strayan who doesn’t love firing up the barbie with their mates, sinking a few beers, and shooting the s**t. As a result of that, our councils have installed free BBQs in parks across the country, and that’s, apparently, a reason for people from other countries to get jealous…

The revelation comes after a maths teacher took his class out to the local park for an end-of-year sausage sizzle. Pictures of the event, which aren’t exactly abnormal here on our fair shores, made their way to Reddit and people lost their f**ken minds.

Credit: Hizler2/Reddit

Yeah, nah, apparently, we’re taking this s**t for granted. Even right now, writing this, we’re finding it hard to believe that nowhere has free BBQs, but according to commenters on the Reddit page, we really are the lucky country.

The Daily Mail, who’s carrying the main story, has reported that one commenter reckons, “Aussies think this kind of thing is normal. Y’all have NO idea.”

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Having said that, some dodgy councils run coin-operated barbecues, but generally speaking, you can find a range of electric, gas, and wood-fired barbecues depending on where you are. What they do have in common, though, is the idea that everyone cleans up after themselves. Of course, there’s no booking required either.

Credit: Must Do Brisbane

The last thing they have in common is that on a bewdiful day, you might have to wait your turn!

Final thought: Yeah, nah, we might be biased, but we reckon Ozzyland is a f**ken top-notch country. Great weather, great amenities, and a Prime Minister who’s not afraid to s**t himself in his local Maccas. Good stuff, Straya! Good stuff!

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