Russian Instagram influencers have been posing in a toxic lake

Credit: Instagram

Russian Instagram influencers have been posing in a toxic lake

Sometimes, we can seem a like we’re a bit down on influencers here at Ozzy Man Reviews. We wanna start this off by emphatically refuting that. We reckon they’re great. We really do. If there’s one thing we love, it’s seeing people make a career – or at least a profitable hobby – out of things they love doing. Influencers give that a fair crack, and although we reckon some of the entitlement’s a bit rich, we dig that. Also, we really dig when they make total bumpkins of themselves. It’s bloody great…

Credit: Instagram

And that’s exactly what’s been going on over in Russia lately. Before you get carried away at the mention of Russia, we’ll just point out that this isn’t one of those stories. No one’s fighting a bear, living through a vicious knifing or surviving a hectic car accident. Yeah, nah, there’s none of that, but there are influencers posing on the waste-waters of a nuclear power plant.

Making things even worse, these bloody posers aren’t even doing it in the hope they get superpowers or something. They just love the colour of the water and they’re using it to get some admittedly great shots.

Credit: Instagram

The lake, which they call the Novosibirsk Maldives, apparently doesn’t contain any radiation, but that hasn’t stopped the owner of the power plant, The Siberian Generating Company, from trying to warn them off of the lake. However, seeing as it’s been posted to the Russian social media site, VKontakte, we’ve had to Google translate some of the goodness. Check it out:

“The ash dump is NOT poisonous: blue gulls do not fly there, and plants do not die. The radiation background is normal there: two INDEPENDENT laboratories concluded this. But it is IMPOSSIBLE to swim in the ash dump. The water in it has a high alkaline environment. This is due to the fact that calcium salts and other metal oxides are dissolved in it. Skin contact with such water may cause an allergic reaction!”

Later on, they say, “This is NOT a natural lake. This (if complicated), hydraulic structure. He was dug by people. Getting out of the reservoir alone is almost impossible. THEREFORE, WE ARE VERY REQUESTING IN THE RUNNING FOR SELFI DON’T GET DOWN TO GOLD! IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT HAZARD.”

Credit: VKontakte

So, er, yeah, we guess there are two ways of looking at this: there’s the obvious response of ‘Well, that’s that shot to s**t. Guess we won’t be going in there anymore,’ but if we know our influencers, we’re reckoning they might see a little allergic reaction as worth it for the fame and fortune.

Final thought: At the end of the day, toxic water’s toxic water, but if you can get a few likes on Social Media, why not. After all, Russians do seem to be invincible and influencers will do anything for a few more friends. Still, let us know what you’d do in their shoes.

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