People are sharing cases of “The Butterfly Effect” happening in real life

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People are sharing cases of “The Butterfly Effect” happening in real life

We’re gonna hazard a guess here and say that at some point, you’ve probably heard of the butterfly effect. Deadset, even if you’re just thinking of the rad Aussie band from back in the day, you’ve got some acquaintance with the concept, but it could also be from your general knowledge, familiarity with Ray Bradbury’s kickass story A Sound of Thunder, or the Ashton Kutcher movie. Either way, the point’s the same. You know that a butterfly flapping its wings on one side of the world can create an earthquake on the other, or something like that.

Basically, the concepts all about the idea of cause and effect, of random circumstance resulting in something of greater import, or, in the best possible way, good fortune and serendipity as a result of pure fluke. Yeah, nah, here in Oz, we use the phrase ‘more arse than class’ to convey the same idea.

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Still, we’ve gotta be honest, reading some of these butterfly effect stories is a bit of an eye opener. Deadset, it’s pretty hard not to view some of these and go, ‘Fark!’

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Of course, some of them are just amusing. Yeah, nah, we’re not sure that all of them are fair dinkum examples of the butterfly effect, but even if they’re only tangentially related, we still reckon they’re worth reading.

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So, yeah, give these bloody stories a squiz. At the very least, you’ll come away from it thinking about how the world’s a small place and life’s random as f**k. Deadset, we reckon that you couldn’t make up most of what happens in life.

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Yeah, nah, the idea of chaos and happenstance affecting everything definitely holds true if you ask us.

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Final thought: Yeah, look, there’s only one thing to do here: get you lot to share your stories with us. So, don’t hold back. If the butterfly effect has impacted your life, f**ken spill the beans!

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