Is this the creepiest dog in the world?

Credit: Twitter

Is this the creepiest dog in the world?

While it’s no secret that Twitter can be a dumpster-fire of political opinion and stupid hot-takes, it’s also the kind of place that sometimes throws up a bit of internet gold. Reaction to a recent tweet about ‘the world’s creepiest dog’ has shown that. Obviously, you know we love dogs, and all dogs deserve love, but you’ve gotta be honest, some of them are pretty weird-looking f**kers. Like the one in this Twitter thread…

Rightio, before we get going, we’re doing Reddit a disservice if we don’t point out that the story seems to have begun over there before someone’s tried to pass it off as their own on the old Twitter. Never mind, though, we can live with that.

So let’s get to the dog: perched like Tim the Toolman Taylor on the backyard fence, this little bugger has a look on his face that suggests he’s got more than a passing curiosity in you and your insides. Yeah, nah, there’s no two ways about it – if that is a dog and not some weird little animatronic device, it’s a creepy-looking f**ker.

Of course, there was some debate about whether or not it’s the world’s creepiest, but nearly eleven-thousand retweets on top of two-thousand quote-tweets and a hundred-thousand likes suggests that it’s in the running.

Not that you need to look at the analytics. Just look at its face. It looks like the Mighty Boosh crack fox. Tell us you wouldn’t be crossing to the other side of the road if you saw it while out walking.

F**k, we’re not entirely sure it’s not just gonna materialise at the end of our bed tonight. It is one creepy little b**tard.

Of course, we’re possibly being unfair. It might be lovely. Yeah, nah, it might be.

Final thought: Let’s keep it simple this time. We reckon the dog’s pretty creepy. Creepiest in the world, though, that’s a big call. Let us know what you reckon in the Facebook comments section.

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