Hugh Jackman & Jake Gyllenhaal play hilarious prank on Ryan Reynolds for Christmas

Hugh Jackman & Jake Gyllenhaal play hilarious prank on Ryan Reynolds for Christmas

Hollywood tabloids and journalists love to talk about the big Hollywood couples. They love to show us photos of them sunning themselves and holidaying in exotic locations. They love to show us the ‘fantasy’ of fame. Despite that, some Hollywood stars, like Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, love to show us that they’re just your everyday, typical bros. And that means, they spend a lot of time hanging sh*t on each other and participating in a riotous game of one-upsmanship that can only end in hilarity…

These two have bro-banter history. Credit: Twitter/Hugh Jackman

At this stage, it’s kind of hard to imagine you haven’t heard about at least some of their banter. Whether it’s Reynolds actually paying out on Jackman in the Deadpool movies, or Jackman letting his dog lay some cable on a photo of Reynolds, there’s a solid history in the bromance these two legends share.

Some might say it’s terribly fitting for the two stars of Wolverine and Deadpool. After all, the two Marvel characters have their own share of history in the comics – and the movies – to be fair. And, mirroring the comics even further, it’s usually Reynolds – the star of Deadpool – who instigates it.

Credit: Twitter/Hugh Jackman

It’s probably fair then that this time, Jackman got him back. Enlisting the help of another Hollywood star – and future Marvel Mysterio actor, Jake Gyllenhaal – to set Reynolds up for a public shaming.

Credit: Twitter/Hugh Jackman

And, er, yeah, nah, it’s safe to say Reynolds took the bait. After being invited to a Christmas sweater party, Reynolds frocked the f**k up in a pretty stylish Christmas present sweater – replete with ribbons and everything.

Credit: Twitter/Hugh Jackman

Of course, Jackman and Gyllenhaal were chilling in their casual duds. You can only imagine the laughter when Reynolds turned up to find his two bros had pranked the sh*t out of him.

We can only wait eagerly for the next instalment of the always hilarious Hugh and Ryan show.

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These fucking assholes said it was a sweater party. ?

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Final thought: These days a lot of ‘pranks’ make the internet that aren’t really pranks at all. This is classic – and while Reynolds is probably hamming it up for the photo op – you can bet he’s already planning his revenge.

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