Twitter user Photoshops Paddington Bear into movies and the results are hilarious

Credit: @Jaythechou/Twitter

Twitter user Photoshops Paddington Bear into movies and the results are hilarious

Bloody creativity is a wonderful thing, it really is. Yeah, nah, the world can be a pretty serious place, and sometimes all the sad news, all the online anger, and all the division in society can make you feel like the joy’s being sucked out of life. Fortunately, creative people help us fight back against that s**t. They bring us happiness, they bring us wonder, and they bring us laughter. Take Twitter user @Jaythechou for example. This bloke is single-handedly making the world a better place by Photoshopping Paddington Bear into movie scenes.

Rightio, if you don’t know who Paddington Bear is, you’ve just gotta give it a bit of a Google, but essentially, beloved children’s character, star of some pretty funny family movies, and icon of English literature. Or something like that.

Anyway, whether you know the character or not, these Photoshopped images are bloody gold. Cherrypicking great movies from across multiple genres, @Jaythechou creates some pretty interesting spins on bloody Paddington.

Still, if you do know the character, these are bloody great. He’s a naïve bugger, but although he’s always getting up to mischief and causing chaos, he spreads joy everywhere he goes. With that character being planted into some pretty dark films, you have to wonder how things would play out if he was actually there.

Yeah, nah, imagine Paddington in the final scene of The Mist, imagine him watching Wendy Torrance reading Jack Torrance’s typed notes in The Shining, creeping up on Janet Leigh in Psycho, or taking a ride in Star Wars. That s**t would be grouse, right?

Well, that’s exactly what @Jaythechou does on his Twitter account. Go and give him a follow. You won’t regret it.

Final thought: The only way we can finish this off is by revisiting our earlier point. Creativity is a f**ken wonderful thing. Whatever it is you can create, bloody do it. Share it with the world. Make people happy. It’s a marvellous feeling!

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