How To Not Get Screwed Buying A Used Car

How To Not Get Screwed Buying A Used Car

This video is close to my little heart.

I have never bought a car brand new. Every time I update me car it’s a hunt for the “perfect” second hand vehicle.

For those who have been through it you know how hit and miss this hunt can be.

If you’re a youngster and yet to hunt for a second hand car then this video will be handy for ya.

It talks about a lot of things you can look at when searching for the ideal second hand car. In fact, possibly more than you’ll have time for on the spot. None the less, handy as fuck.

Video is below ya legends:

My first second hand buy in 2002 was a 1981 Mitsubishi Sigma. Fuck I loved that car. Absolute bargain. The Sigma had such a mint shape as well. It was hell trendy.

My brother had a second hand gemini that did a fair few kilometres back in the day.

I’ve also experienced second hand Toyota’s and Ford Falcon’s.

I’m a bloody seasoned pro at car buying ey.

Good work Donut Media!