These f*@#en super specific insults are some of the Internet’s finest

These f*@#en super specific insults are some of the Internet’s finest

While we loathe to condone the behaviour of internet trolls everywhere, you have to admit that one of the greatest things about the internet is the free-reign it gives to people who are f**ken awesome at talking s**t. To be clear, we want to make clear the difference between maliciously attacking someone and running a bit of banter. With that done, check out some of these classic internet roasts…

Rightio, let’s kick this off with something we reckon is a pre-requisite for a good roast. There’s got to be no punching down. The s**t-talking’s got to be targeted at someone in a public position or close to it. We love to chop down tall poppies here in Oz, and we reckon most of these follow that sort of rule.

Credit: @coherentstates

Credit: @GrumpySkeletor

Anyway, have a squiz. When you do, you’ll notice a couple show people reflecting on roasts they’ve copped from others. In particular, you’ve gotta be a fan of the old bloke giving the dude with the Apple watch s**t.

Credit: @MovieGuru83

Credit: @SteveRyanComedy

Credit: @Chillout Renzo!!

Finally, the last criterion is the one that sees people having a chop at people for just being a bit dumb. You know our rule about giving the benefit of the doubt, but we’re sure you’re also aware that we reckon it can’t always be done.

Credit: @stephenszczerba

Credit: @PostCultRev

Credit: @JaredTyler13

Now, having said all of that, have that squiz we mentioned earlier and enjoy the banter. Deadset, from the guy with someone else’s face to Zuckerberg’s more human wax replica, there’s plenty here to keep you chuckling.

Credit: @iamchrisscott

Credit: @Ewan_jmg

Final thought: As you’re no doubt aware, this is only a drop in the ocean of great internet insults, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop here. If you’ve seen any better ones online, load ‘em up into the comments section and let us all have a chuckle. Till next time, ya legends. Hooroo.

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