Footage of San Francisco set to Blade Runner Soundtrack draws world wide attn

Credit: Twitter/Bunny_Godfather

Footage of San Francisco set to Blade Runner Soundtrack draws world wide attn

If there’s one thing we can all say for certain, it’s that on a global scale, a lot of bad gear has happened this year. Whether we go back to the fires down here, the first wave of the virus that shall not be named to sweep the world, it can be a bit overwhelming. Right now, the focus is on the fires in the US, and footage of the San Francisco sky is going viral. Have a look at why…

Despite all the s**t, there’s still a lot of love in the world, and even though it sometimes feels like the world’s gone to Destination F**ked, you don’t have to. People have your back and you’re needed here.

With that said, let’s get to the footage. The first bit we’re gonna talk about is the strangely majestic drone footage set to Blade Runner 2049’s soundtrack. The orange tint gives things a dystopian as f**k kinda feel, and the music works perfectly with the footage. Bloody kudos to the creator.

On the more positive side, Jessica Christian, a photojournalist for the San Francisco Chronicle has pointed out that the sky there has people chit-chatting in a way they haven’t since before the pandemic.

And we get it. At times like this, even when s**t’s divided as fuck, you often see the best in people. We’re social creatures and that need to help others is pretty f**ken strong, even if it is just about asking someone else what they reckon, or to point out that you’re thinking it’s end times.

Finally, the last bit of footage is just another general view of things, but it’s still pretty f**ken eye-opening.

Final thought: We alluded to this above, and we’ll say it again. We know from anecdotal chats that guidance councillors in schools are having a busy f**ken year, and we reckon that might extend out beyond the youth. If you feel s**t, if you need to talk, or you just wanna know you matter and that everything’s gonna be okay, there’s help out there.

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