Dudes Design ‘Lickster’ App To Make You Better At Oral Sex

Dudes Design ‘Lickster’ App To Make You Better At Oral Sex

There are a lot of useless apps out there; apps that make your phone look like an electric shaver, apps to give your selfie a good brostache, and even apps that try (and fail) to tell what kind of a cry your baby is crying. These are all terrible ideas that never should have made it out of whatever smoking circle they were conceived in but there’s finally a new app out that has a practical….ummm….application.

Have a listen to the designer’s pitch and see what you think…

“A perfect night deserves a perfect finish. The energy is electric, you made it back to her bedroom and it’s now the moment of truth but are you ready? With Lickster, you will be…”

So far, so good. But what does it do and how does it do it?

“Lickster is a revolutionary new training game that will make you a cunnilinguist pro, lickety split because the fact is, only 25 percent of women orgasm from intercourse and like it or not, your dick will never compare to a good lick.”

Amazing. The app itself looks like a cross between one of those Dance Dance Revolution games that are a feature of arcades around the world and Guitar Hero. Only, instead of using your feet or fingers, you use your tongue.

Obviously, these fellas are joking around but considering the calibre of apps that are already in existence, this actually seems like a decent idea. I reckon you’d need some sort of protective dental dam to keep from contracting phone-germs but that could be a handy add-on.

So, if you eat out less often than a size-zero supermodel, this might just be the app for you. Get into it, Lickety split!