Danish supermarket comes up with a brilliant pricing loophole to stop hand sanitiser hoarding

Credit: _Schuermann/Rotundenhellerup

Danish supermarket comes up with a brilliant pricing loophole to stop hand sanitiser hoarding

Mate, you’re probably sick of us whinging about hoarding – along with everyone else – but we can’t not talk about an ingenious solution to it cooked up by a Danish supermarket. Seriously, something had to be done, and we honestly reckon this is a work of fair dinkum genius. Have a bloody squiz and let us know whether or not it’d work in your neck of the woods.

Rightio, if you’ve been wiping your ass with a discarded jizzrag, an odd sock, or a chux wipe over the past couple of weeks, you’ll know all about hoarding. Of course, dunny roll isn’t the only thing that people have been playing Smaug with. Yeah, nah, they’ve been going nuts on the hand sanitiser too.

Credit: _Schuermann/Twitter

And you know what, we get it. In a time of crisis, a sh**load of orange juice and a good squirt or two of hand sanitiser might see you through another day of anxious dread, but the thing is, other people need that s**t. So seriously, don’t be a s**t c**t. If you’ve still got some, don’t f**king buy any more.

Sick of waiting for everyday people to do the right thing, Danish supermarket chain Rotunden developed a plan to stop greedy pricks from guzzling all the hand sanitiser. They offered customers a special multi-deal. One sanitiser would set customers back about 40 kroner (five dollarydoos), but two would be about 1000 kroner (95 dollarydoos).

Credit: _Schuermann/Twitter

Now, we don’t know about you, but we’d love to see this s**t adopted here. You want a jar of vegemite, f**ken five bucks. Two jars, f**ken fifty bucks and a kick in the d*ck. If it’s bog roll you’re trying to hoard, f**ken put your hands on the conveyor belt, we’re taking a knuckle..

Credit: Rotundenhellerup


“Dear Customers,
We have a great responsibility to keep the business running, and we can only do that with everyone’s help and understanding. You can help in the following way:
We ask all customers to respect the distance between each other and our co-workers;
Sprinkle (sanitize or wash) hands off at the entrance and use gloves;
If you are a family, please allow only one person to purchase the purchases if possible;
There may be times when we limit how many customers we accept in the store at one time. We will keep you informed about any operating changes on Facebook. Take care and thank you for your understanding.”

Final thought: As we said above, let us know whether this’d work at your local. We’d be keen to see what you make of it. We reckon it’s f**ken genius.

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