Bloke fakes pictures in bed to hide night out from the missus, goes viral and backfires

Bloke fakes pictures in bed to hide night out from the missus, goes viral and backfires

As the sayin’ goes “When the cat’s away, the mice will play” and nothing truer can be said when ya significant other heads outta town for a couple of days. Some squirrels will stay in, sprawl out on the couch scratching their nuts. Others will take the opportunity to forage for barley and hops down at their local pub.

This is the case for Damien Keegan, 42, who was having a couple of frothies at the bar with his mates last Monday; his missus was holidaying in Spain and none the wiser.

When Damo told the missus he was heading home around 9ish, she contacted their daughter Naomi asking for picture proof he was home and not telling porky pies.

Credit: Twitter via @naomikeegan7

After posting the hilarity of the predicament on social media, Naomi knew that the survival of her father’s nutsack would probably depend on her ability to hatch a plan and step up as her father’s MVP.

Credit: Twitter via @naomikeegan7

Cunning as a dunny rat, Damo took off home in a taxi and posed for the happy snap requested by his wife. Daughter Naomi sent the pics to her mother and she was satisfied that Damo was behaving, and was indeed counting sheep in his fart sack.

Credit: Twitter via @naomikeegan7

Out like a light and countin’ Z’s… or is he…?

Like a ninja in the night, Damo threw back the covers of oppression in an act of defiance, determined to rejoin his mates back at the local watering hole.

Credit: Twitter via @naomikeegan7

Naomi kept running commentary of her Dad’s shady actions, giving her mates a giggle I’m sure.

Damien’s actions are valiant and stealth-like. He committed to the ruse and followed through. And he would’ve got away with it too except for that pesky thing known as social media.

Credit: Twitter via @naomikeegan7

Naomi’s pics ended up going mental on Twitter, the viral post even reaching the wife’s sister.

Damo said:
It had gone viral all over the internet, and even got shared in Australia.

The whole of Dublin was talking about it. My wife was going mad, but you don’t stop when you start drinking.

You damn right it made it Down Under.

No one knows the fate of Damo’s nutsack since the missus returned from her Spanish Oydessey, but let’s hope she had a bloody sense of humour about it. After all, it’s pretty f**ken funny.

Final Thought:

This gives new meaning to a bloke “that couldn’t lie straight in bed.”  But when ya missus is holidaying in f**ken Spain ffs, surely you’re entitled to a couple of cheeky pints at the pub! Good on Naomi for trying to help her Dad let his hair down while Mum’s away… just be a little bit more discreet next time ya pork chop.

H/T: Twitter via naomikeegan7 & Unilad