NASA publishes the greatest PR video of all time

NASA publishes the greatest PR video of all time

We probably don’t tend to think about it much these days, but f**ken space travel is pretty bloody rad. To take part in it, you’ve got to be smarter than at least two average people, reasonably fit, okay with possibly burning up on re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere and totally fine with the inherent possibility of having your space shuttle intercepted by hostile alien races – and dealing with all the anal probing that accompanies that not insignificant risk. And, let’s face it, there’s really only one player in respectable space travel. F**ken NASA.

It's got astronauts! Credit: NASA

It’s got astronauts! Credit: NASA

Let’s get things started by saying this new NASA video is exactly what we need if we want to inspire a new generation of astronauts. If I was a kid and I saw this promo, I’d be pretty f**ken excited to somehow be a part of it. I’d be totally down with floating around space, counting the corpses of all the suffocated monkeys that are no doubt still drifting around up there, and saying, yeah, nah, it was all worth it. Space f**ken rulz!

It's got celebrations. Credit: NASA

It’s got celebrations. Credit: NASA

Deadset, this promo has it all. Get your checklist ready and pay attention to all the sh*t it does right. Uplifting soundtrack? F**k yes, that absolutely gets a tick. A range of action shots, and inspiring close-ups of people who are probably insanely good at maths doing whatever the f**k it is that they do at NASA? F**ken double-tick. A great script that’s full of inclusive language, homage to the past and a bold step towards the future? Triple-tick that sh*t.

It's got this little f**ken sciencey thing. Credit: NASA

It’s got this little f**ken sciencey thing. Credit: NASA

Of course, we’d be remiss to say that with Donald Trump’s new Star Force army unit no doubt well on their way to becoming reality, it’s the perfect time to get on the NASA bandwagon and share the f**k out of this video.

It's got a spaceship the size of your mum's dildo. Credit: NASA

It’s got a spaceship the size of your mum’s dildo. Credit: NASA

Final thought: I want to go to space.

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