US Navy tests new warships with bomb-blast equivalent to 3.9 magnitude earthquake

Credit: US Navy

US Navy tests new warships with bomb-blast equivalent to 3.9 magnitude earthquake

If there’s one thing we know about Americans, it’s that they f**ken love to blow s**t up. Naturally, their Navy are huge fans of explosions, and when it comes to blowing s**t to f**ken smithereens, they’re right up there with the best in the business. That’s why they make sure their ships are battle-ready by blowing s**t up beside them. And that leads us to today’s video…

All right, you big bloody bewdiful legends, we’re gonna be honest with you here: pretty much everyone loves blowing s**t up. Yeah, nah, we remember making soda bulb bombs as teenagers and having heaps of fun with them, so we have to admit that we’re pretty jealous of whoever got to detonate this bewdy.

Basically, what you’ll be looking at is known as a ‘full ship shock trial’. The general gist of it is simple: stick a navy ship in the middle of the ocean, let off a huge f**ken bomb beneath it, and see what happens.

In this particular video, which is kind of impressive, the bomb creates a shockwave equivalent to a 3.9 magnitude earthquake. In a relative sense, we don’t really know what that means, but we guess that it’s pretty f**ken powerful. Yeah, nah, at the very least, it’d frazzle your scrote and blow your f**ken teeth out of your arsehole, so if a ship can withstand it, then it’s gotta be pretty tough.

Anyway, the footage was originally shared on the official USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) Twitter account and was accompanied by the following blurb:

“#Warship78 completes the 1st explosive event of Full Ship Shock Trials! The leadership and crew demonstrated #NavyReadiness fighting through the shock, proving our warship can ‘take a hit’ and continue our mission on the cutting edge of #NavalAviation!”

So, yeah, this is pretty impressive, don’t ya reckon?

Final thought: This has actually got us wondering what you lot have blown up. Of course, we don’t want to know anything that’s gonna get you in trouble, but we reckon more than a few of you have sent a few letterboxes into the stratosphere. So, let us know what you’ve made go BOOM in the Facebook comments section.

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Video Link: The Telegraph