Ozzy Man Reviews: Cows vs Turtle

Ozzy Man Reviews: Cows vs Turtle

Me critical analysis of WTF happened in January 2017. Too much Trump shit to keep track of, too many protests to keep track of, Yanet Garcia puts out a peaceful message, and cats are giving zero fucks. Source video links below you wankers.

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Source vids:

David Harbour Stranger Things Awards Speech

Happy New Year from Gab707 Family

White bear Mitsubishi Outtakes

Netherlands Second

Casey Neistat at JFK

This is library

Yanet Garcia Sexy Outfit

Trump Inauguration Speech

Trump vs Bane

Trump calls CNN “fake news”

Federer vs Nadal Australian Open

The World’s Laziest Cat

Sledding with my cat

First day of snow at the Oregon Zoo

Miss France

Dog Jumps Over Gate

2 Cellos – GoT Melody
The Ramones – What a Wonderful World

Fair Dealing – Parody, Satire, Review, Commentary