While Aussies swelter, North America is so f**ken cold that Niagara Falls has frozen over

While Aussies swelter, North America is so f**ken cold that Niagara Falls has frozen over

We spoke to you bloody legends the other day about the fact it was so hot here in Ozzyland you could cook a f**ken steak in a hot car. But it turns out that while we were bemoaning that bullsh*t, parts of the Northern hemisphere – yes hemisphere, flat earthers – were so bloody cold that Niagara Falls, one of the biggest most powerful waterfalls in the world, literally froze in some places. Check out some of the awesome photos below…

From what we understand, some parts of North America reached lows of minus 35 degrees. That is colder than a polar bear’s privates, chillier than a snowman’s sausage and more frozen than a penguin’s penis.

Credit: ingegroot/Instagram

So while some of you bloody legends might know a bit more about the science of it, we reckon it takes some pretty f**ken extreme weather to freeze parts of Niagara Falls. While it’s not actually the tallest waterfall – or even the one that sees the largest volume of water – it’s still f**ken huge.

Credit: adamrdanni/Instagram

To turn parts of that behemoth landform to ice would take some f**ken doing. And, according to these photos, it’s been happening very recently. The result is f**ken spectacular.



Have a squiz at some of these photos and marvel at the stark beauty of this icy wonder. It looks like the sort of place you’d see in an epic documentary about the beauty of winter.

Having said all of that, there’s probably still a few Ozzies who’d swap you for a day. You don’t have to worry about swimming in ball-sweat soup when you’re so cold your norries have shot right up into your ribcage.

Credit: ingegram/Instagram

The view’s a shitload better than the brown grass you get from hot as f**k weather here in Ozzyland too.

Final thought: In all seriousness, spare a thought for the poor c**ts who have nowhere to go in this kind of cold. There’s probably a lot of people on a lot of streets suffering due to the weather. Let’s hope they make it through and that Mother Nature can just calm the f**k down and relax a bit.

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