Twins listening to Phil Collins for the first time go viral after hilarious reaction

Twins listening to Phil Collins for the first time go viral after hilarious reaction

Whether you first heard it in a bloody Cadbury commercial or you’re an OG fan of Phil Collins’ classic-as-f**k banger In The Air Tonight, you’re probably no doubt aware of the fact the song straight rips. Yeah, nah, it doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, or what genres you’re into, you can’t hear Phil slay the skins without going, ‘Yeah, that was pretty f**ken mintox.’ A couple of young lads have just found this out in the best possible way: while recording a reaction video. Check it out…

Yeah, without trying to sound like your Dad, sometimes the old s**t is the best s**t. We know that because the song was old when we were in bloody diapers, but on this case, the old boy was f**ken spot on.

Credit: TwinsthenewTrend

Of course, there’s a whole generation of youngsters out there who have a completely different understanding of music to previous generations, but if one thing’s gonna bring them into the fold; it’s a bit of classic Phil.

So when YouTubers Tim and Fred Williams of the TwinsthenewTrend YouTube channel busted out In The Air Tonight for a reacts video – without ever having heard it before – viewers who knew what was coming weren’t disappointed when Collins dropped the timeless drum-fill.

Naturally, the reaction’s gone viral faster than a flaming ferret, and folks on the internet are loving the s**t out of this one. Have a squiz for yourself and watch the jaws hit the floor. Seriously, we could sit here and describe this s**t to you, but it just needs to be seen. Give it a f**ken spin…

Final thought: We reckon you lot out there in the comments section have probably air-drummed to this one a few times, but what are the other classic tracks the youth of today needs to hear. Load your suggestions into the comments section.

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Video Link: TwinsthenewTrend