Trashy Couple Bang In Front Of An ATM

Trashy Couple Bang In Front Of An ATM

How trashy do you need to be to find happiness in life? That’s a serious question I think everyone needs to ask themselves at some point; because we all know there are acceptable and unacceptable levels of trashiness.

Acceptable levels of trashiness are like wearing sweats out to the local store for some last minute shopping, wearing the same pair of jeans every day for a week or two, or having sex out in a secluded section of the woods. Of course we know they’re all technically unacceptable from a first-world point of view, but they’re common offenses many people do to this day. They’re so common they’re laughable in comparison to other things. Other things like what this couple was recorded doing right in front of an ATM in Oaxaca, Mexico.


Right inside of the bank’s little partition for the ATM these two lovebirds stared drunkenly into each other’s eyes.

“I have a lot of pesos,” he tells her.

“That makes me so hot, papi,” she replies.


Like a love story from a bad sitcom the sheer lust and desire these two felt for each other simply couldn’t be contained solely because they were in public. They began kissing, slow and methodical until things became more heated and passionate – all the while little Samuel, who was only there holding a spot for his mother, watches on from a few feet away. Another passing adult who needed to use the machine notices what’s causing the exceedingly long delay and discovers the cause only to whip out his phone for a quick porn recording session.

This isn’t necessarily how this whole situation went down, but that’s how I’m choosing to believe it. There’s little doubt drugs or alcohol were involved though, I’m fairly certain you can agree with me there, but this is the perfect example of an unacceptable level of trashiness.