This Captain America fight scene without any special effects is f**ken mint

Credit: Marvel Entertainment

This Captain America fight scene without any special effects is f**ken mint

As things stand, there’s just no doubting the fact that when it comes to comic book movies, Marvel rules the roost. Not only do they have a few franchises kicking goals and entertaining the f**k out of viewers through other studios, but their own studios (even if you concede that Disney pretty much owns them all) make some of the best bloody movies out there. Obviously, a big part of these movies is the special effects, but beneath that, it’s easy to forget the fight-scene choreography the actors actually have to master…

One movie that received its fair share of praise for outstanding fight choreography was Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier.

Credit: Marvel Entertainment

That one had some bloody awesome punch-ups, some bonza biffs, and some f**ken grouse fracases. One in particular that you might be familiar with is the highway battle between Steve Rogers and the Winter Soldier himself, Bucky.

If you can’t remember it, this ought to spark your memory. We’ve cued it up for you, but if you want to watch the whole thing, f**ken go for it.

Now, as we said, that was a pretty f**ken good movie melee, but a raw version of that fight, sans special effects, has gone viral.

It shows the two actors, Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan (although it could be his stunt double) going through the motions and f**ken punching on.

Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Obviously, they’re not really going toe to toe, but the reason this has gone viral is because beneath the shiny Marvel veneer of special effects and awesomeness, it’s easy to assume it’s all green screen and stunt doubles.

Fortunately, that’s not the case.

As a result, it’s got to give you a bit of respect for the men involved.

Even though what they’re doing is effectively little more than an elaborate dance, it’s still pretty f**ken rad.

Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Check it out.

Final thought: When you think about some of the actors playing Marvel roles, there are certainly more than a few you can’t imagine throwing a few fists with any grace. We reckon they should all get their raw fight scenes released. It’s pretty bloody awesome to look at.

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