The older generation reckons the youth of today will never understand these things…

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The older generation reckons the youth of today will never understand these things…

It doesn’t really matter what generation you’re from, the chances are that when you become an old codger, you’ll think the world’s gone to s**t and things were better in your day. Of course, you probably won’t be right about all of it, but that’s not gonna stop you whinging. Yeah, nah, that’s your right as an old person, and unlike everything you’ve known and loved, no one’s gonna take that away from you. So, without further ado, here’s a bunch of things old farts reckon the youth of today are missing out on…

Like plenty of our good list-based pieces, this one originated over on Reddit. Basically, a redditor named u/Bagolyvagymi asked people “what’s something newer generations will never understand?”

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As you can imagine, there were plenty of responses. And when you have a look through them, we reckon that if you’re anything like us you might remember some of them fondly – if you’re old enough – but we can’t honestly say the world hasn’t changed for the better where these things are concerned.

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Yeah, nah, don’t get us wrong. We bloody love VHS and Cassette tapes, we’ve still got a binder full of CDs here in the office, and we remember getting up to some awesome mischief that no one filmed, but for the most part, having all of this stuff digital or easy to access isn’t actually a bad thing.

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Bagolyvagymi reckons that they got the idea for the question when they’d found some old s**t and wondered what else was out there. “The day I posted the question, I came across some old books and stuff from 30-40 years ago, like VHS tapes and old computer guides, and the question just popped into my head.”

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Anyway, have a squiz at these and let us know whether you miss it or whether you reckon the world’s a better place now.

Final thought: It’s always interesting to think about the changes in technology we’re gonna experience over the next thirty years. What sort of things do you reckon the youth of today will look back on with nostalgia? Let us know in the comments section.

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