The internet’s already decided 2021 is a disappointment and the memes are on point

Credit: Boredpanda

The internet’s already decided 2021 is a disappointment and the memes are on point

Yeah, nah, we’re not even gonna blurb this too hard. 2021 is here, and we all know that it’s been a bit hectic. Whether it’s the mutant COVID and the surprise three-day lockdown in Brizzo, Donald Trump inciting insurrection and sending his MAGA cultists to hang Mike Pence, or whatever’s happening in your neck of the woods, it’s here, and people have already had enough.

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As we’ve said before, there’s no more immediate art-form than the humble meme. These bewdiful little buggers are like the graffiti of the internet. They can make you think, they can make you laugh, they can even make you a household name – if you’re lucky enough to star in one. With 2021 setting the tone early, the global community’s thoughts on the year so far are filtering onto the net, and by all accounts, people are feeling a little dejected.

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Yeah, bear in mind it was only two weeks ago that we were all hoping that seeing the back of 2020 would mean we were set for happy times. Over in the US, Sauron had been defeated, and that had people stoked for a new utopia, while over here in Oz, we were looking forward to a COVID free start to the year.

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Unfortunately, it turned out that Sauron hadn’t been defeated and COVID was a bit like “Yeah, nah, f**k you.” Thankfully, our creative memelord friends knew exactly what to do, and they set to work creating the bewdies you see before you.

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Obviously, a lot of the insurrectionists here lend themselves to a whole batch of new memes and we won’t be surprised if we see plenty more of them as the year continues, but as is tradition, some of the classics have already been co-opted to represent this year’s unique start to things.

Final thought: We’ll keep it simple. If 2021’s already giving you a headache, knock back a midstrength and a couple of Panadol before sharing your own favourite memes. Load up the comments section with your best efforts.

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