The best Bernie Sanders inauguration memes on the Internet

Credit: Morgan Till/Twitter

The best Bernie Sanders inauguration memes on the Internet

As you’re probably aware, Joe Biden’s now been sworn in as the 46th president of the United States. You’re probably also aware that the world collectively held its breath to see how things were going to pan out, but fortunately, there was no real excitement. So, in the place of the expected violence, viewers have delighted in poking fun at Bernie Sanders after an image of him looking pretty snug—and a little bored—appeared online. This is good. Yeah, nah, more Bernie Sanders memes are always bloody good.

So yeah, it’s been an interesting time in US politics. If we’re honest, it’s probably not one history’s going to look back on kindly. We’re not going to into all of that. If you’ve paid attention, you’ll know how things are and you’ll know that it’ll almost be refreshing for the US to get back to some sense of normalcy, so let’s hope that happens.

The original image. Credit: Brendan Smialowski/AFP

Still, that’s not quite why we’re here. As you know, Bernie Sanders has found himself memed more than once or twice. We don’t reckon he can hold a candle to DiCaprio, but he’s no stranger to the format.

Now, with some suggesting he was wearing the same jacket to the inauguration that he was wearing last time he found himself the unwitting star of a meme format, you get the sense this was destiny.

If you didn’t see the original image, it’s up above. As you can tell Sanders turned up to the inauguration in an outfit—complete with some kickass mittens—that was sensible for the chilly day. Unfortunately, the internet doesn’t take long to find the humour in anything.

Have a look at some of these memes to check out the reaction. But, make sure you check out the real story about how he got them down below!

Final thought: It’s pretty impossible for us to catalogue all of these, but if you’ve got any good ones we’ve missed, pop ‘em into the comments section and we’ll all have a giggle. Till then, hooroo, legends!

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