Student left red-faced after submitting assignment with “stupid f**ken” title

Credit: @hanspoet

Student left red-faced after submitting assignment with “stupid f**ken” title

Whether you’ve finished school, you work in a school or you just have to attend, we all know that sometimes s**t can feel arbitrary. Don’t get us wrong, we reckon education’s super bloody important, we just understand the feeling that not everything feels important. Still, there are hoops to jump through and hurdles to clear, so you’ve just gotta suck that s**t up, be respectful, and pretend you like it. Of course, that’s hard when you accidentally submit an assignment that shows your true feelings…

Bearing that in mind, imagine how a young student from the States felt when she made a huge mistake and accidentally uploaded an assignment with the ‘joke’ title still included. The sheila in question is Susan, and we meet her in the midst of a full breakdown.

Credit: @hanspoet

Well, apparently. We’re not sure it’s completely legit. She looks like she’s cracking a bit of a grin at times, but whatever, we’ll go with it.

Her roommate, who uses the handle @hanspoet, heard her having a big teary and, like a good friend, came to capture it on film. As you do.

“What did you do?” she asks.

In response, Susan says, “What am I supposed to do? Can you, like, resubmit something on Blackboard?”

Credit: @hanspoet

From there, Emma (@hanspoet’s real name) has a squiz at the computer and we get to see the unfortunately title assessment piece that Susan’s uploaded.

‘Stupid F**king Paper That Has No Meaning’

Since going viral, the video’s been viewed more than seven million times. Fortunately, though, there’s a follow-up and we know that everything’s actually all good.

It turns out that Susan owned her mistake and emailed her professor. “This morning I turned in my mid-term synthesis paper and I thought I had double checked everything. After I turned it in, I realized that the title is not appropriate and not what I wanted it to be. I am very sorry and I understand that it is not appropriate.”

Credit: @hanspoet

The professor, being a pretty cool cat just cleared the assignment and asked her to upload the new document. Nice one, Prof.

Final thought: We all make mistakes. It’s part of life. The important thing is whether or not we learn from them. In Susan’s case, we hope she’s learned from this close call, and titles her work something more appropriate next time. You know, like, ‘Absolute c**t of an Assignment’.

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