Red-headed wrecking machine sends half the club to Destination F**ked in epic biff!

Credit: Twitter

Red-headed wrecking machine sends half the club to Destination F**ked in epic biff!

We’re not gonna lie, we’re not too keen on participating in violence ourselves, but we certainly know how to enjoy footage of it. And, we s**t you not, the footage in today’s video is next level. The bloke who’s captured on camera throwing fists like a secret character on f**ken Street Fighter is a bloody monster. Yeah, nah, we have no idea how old the video is, but we only saw it for the first time on Twitter the other day. By the time old mate’s done, there’s a pile of bodies just waiting for ambulances. Check it out…

Rightio, ladies and gents, welcome to bloody fight day. Yeah, nah, we don’t know where the f**k this fight took place, but we do know that for anyone who came into the path of the red-headed wrecking machine in the blue shirt, it ended at Destination F**ked.

Deadset, when we pick up the action, one bloke is already down on the ground and his arm is twitching awkwardly while his friends check to see whether or not he needs a Panadol and a mid-strength beer.

As the fight unfolds, you’ll find yourself wondering if one of those bulls from Ozzy’s People Getting F**ked up by Bulls videos has bred with this bloke’s ancestors because…F**K ME SIDEWAYS HOW MANY PEOPLE IS HE GOING TO LEVEL?

Yeah, nah, he looks smaller and shorter than everyone else there, but he’s got some serious f**ken fists and FARK! The bloke who gets dropped at 26 seconds in throws a cheeky punch then disappears behind one witness for two seconds before BAM. He’s dead. Yeah, nah, we’re pretty sure he’s dead.

Anyway, give it a squiz – and make sure you read the comments. It’s f**ken chaos, but damn, if we’re ever in trouble, we want old mate on our side.


Final thought: Yeah, nah, this is why we don’t like to participate in violence. Sure, old mate’s pretty nuggety, but there are a lot of opponents and he’s not the biggest bloke there. That goes to show you never can pick ‘em, and if you’re looking for a fight, you might meet a bloke like this. F**k that. Stay safe. Stay calm. Stay out of trouble.

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Video Link: Twitter