Randy news announcer busted on CCTV showing his missus some “breaking news”

Randy news announcer busted on CCTV showing his missus some “breaking news”

Picture this: you’re a radio announcer and you’ve decided to bring the misso in for a ‘tour’ of the workplace when she starts to get the itch and you realise you’ve gotta take care of business right there and then. Somehow, fired up by all the switches and microphones resting on their stands, she’s ready to go and you slip her the old womb broom…only to be caught on CCTV and uploaded to Facebook!

Yeah, a radio announcer from Kiev’s Radio Maksimum in the Ukraine has just found out how bloody frustrating that is. Talk about a bloody conundrum! I mean, she is your woman, but as the rest of the workplace begins to realise just what the f**k those sticky spots are on the switchboard, you’re gonna have to do a lot apologising.

"Let's check out the headines and see what's popped up!" Credit: CEN

“Let’s check out the headines and see what’s popped up!” Credit: CEN

Of course, that’s not the worst of it. If you knew you were gonna be on camera, you’d probably try to put on a bit of a show and make sure you did yourself – and your lady-love – proud. After all, you don’t want to show yourself up as a premature peter.

"I hope this isn't 'short'wave radio." Credit: CEN

“I hope this isn’t ‘short’wave radio.” Credit: CEN

Which is exactly what happened to the poor b*stard in this video. As mentioned previously, he’s brought his sheila into work for a bit of a tour of the radio station. Of course, by the time he’s taken her down the hallway and into the production rooms, there’s been enough knobs and dials on show to get any sheila worked up, so it’s understandable you take her in the news room to show her the latest ‘breaking news’.

"No, baby, I'm Ukrainian. I certainly won't be...Russian." Credit: CEN

“No, baby, I’m Ukrainian. I certainly won’t be…Russian.” Credit: CEN

And worked up she was. As you can see from the video, there’s a perfectly good couch in the room, but these randy buggers wanna bump uglies right there at the table. I mean, c’mon guys, you’re not even supposed to have coffee there!

Apparently, the two radio rooters didn’t know they were on camera. And why would they be? The saying ‘a face for radio’ exists for a reason. The station boss, however, suggested the footage – caught on CCTV – might have been uploaded to Facebook by a co-worker who had a grudge against the bloke. As a result, some have pointed out that old mate’s performance is selfish and a bit short!

"Did I mention I only do the thirty second bulletins?" Credit: CEN

“Did I mention I only do the thirty second bulletins?” Credit: CEN

Final thought: In fairness, the whole thing is a pretty hurried affair, but if they’re just trying to get a quick danger-f**k away, they can’t be blamed for that. Either way, uploading the pair onto the internet without permission is pretty bloody poor form. Fortunately, the couple aren’t too exposed and it’s not too gratuitous. In future, if ya do catch your a co-worker slipping his missus the old beef bayonet, don’t put ’em online. It’s a dick move.

You can view the video here.

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H/T: The Sun.