Kim Kardashian roasted by her kid for ‘faking’ in her videos

Kim Kardashian roasted by her kid for ‘faking’ in her videos

Look, we talk a lot about ‘influencers’ on this website, and we guess we’re not alone there. Yeah, nah, the simple reality is that whether you like it or not, a proper popular social media personality represents a viable advertising medium, and people you know and love are tuning in to see what they have to say. That doesn’t mean they’re always truthful and ‘real’ in their interactions, though. And, if ask her kid North West, Kim Kardashian can certainly be a bit fake in the way she presents herself.

This all came to light just the other day when the unfortunately named kid embarrassed her mum on social media. We’re not sure if the eight-year-old was just sharing some pre-adolescent rage over the fact she couldn’t have a ‘normal’ name like Sheila or Shazza, but she hilariously took her mum to task.

Kim was filming a product video for one of her Insta stories when you could hear the little whippersnapper pipe up in the background. “Why do you talk different?” she asked as her Mum was in the middle of filming.

Naturally, Kim tried to play it off, but North West wast having none of it. Yeah, nah, she was calling bulls**t on that! After her Mum asked just how differently she spoke when filming, North West went to town.

She chucked on a high-pitched voice and said, “Guys, so today I got this mask. I got this bronzers … I got this…”

And anyway, you get the point. Basically, the kid – and we don’t know where she would have learned this – is playing up for the camera. Still, someone’s gotta call it like it is in the household. May as well be North West.

Final thought: Yeah, nah, bloody good on her, we reckon. When it comes to Instagram personalities, Kardashian’s basically the big cheese. If she was to keep it real online, we reckon loads more people would follow. What about you? Is Mum going all right, or should she speak differently when filming? Let us know!

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