Florida Bloke Catches Monster Fish With His Arm

Florida Bloke Catches Monster Fish With His Arm

Sometimes it takes a while before ya discover something on the web.

There’s a lot of communication and amazing feats of human strength shared online every day.

This video has been ageing like a fine wine on YouTube for a few years.

I haven’t seen anyone catch a monster of the deep like this using nothing but an arm. I pick up the odd crab down here in Australia, but this hunting tactic in North America is some next level shit I gotta admit.

Everyone else around panicked, which is pretty fucken annoying, the bloke was trying to stay calm about this.

Video is below. PRO TIP: Go easy on the volume. We got some screaming involved here…

That would have been a massive feed if it didn’t get away.

He would’ve feasted like a bloody king that night. So annoying folks around him couldn’t help lock down such a beautiful catch.

Ah well. Hopefully the fish goes on to breed some more monsters of the deep and a human will get lucky and catch another soon.

Imagine a cook up and a beer in the arvo after that catch, though.

A simple bloke like yours truly can always dream…

Fuck. I’m hungry now.