People reveal their most outrageous food delivery texts

Credit: Twitter/@kittieboys

People reveal their most outrageous food delivery texts

Speaking generally, it’s pretty bloody tricky to argue that the explosion of food delivery services hasn’t made our lives better. Deadset, there used to be a time that you’d drink eight beers at home and then decide you were hungry. If you didn’t want pizza, your options were limited and you usually ended up eating s**t like noodles. Now, though, those dilemmas are long-gone. Of course, though, s**t still goes wrong. Like real wrong.

Yeah, nah, despite the fact food delivery companies do everything they reasonably can to make sure your s**t gets to you in a reasonable time-frame, is hot, uneaten, and free from Covid 19, you can’t expect them to micro-manage everything.

And when you think about it, food delivery is exactly the kind of job hungry stoners are gonna be all over. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not advocating that people should be punching five or six cones before they swing to the local takeaway and deliver your cheeseburger; we’re just saying it happens.

If you’ve ever been in the vicinity of a hot f**ken chip – or a French fry for our American friends – that smell is pretty f**ken hard to resist. Deadset, you can be on the strictest diet ever, but you chuck even the slightest aroma of hot chip in the room and dudes are like, ‘Oi, can I have a chip, bro?’

And that’s what a lot of these conversations seem to be about. Hungry delivery drivers who’ve f**ken smashed someone else’s delivery. Of course, that’s not all you’ve got in here.

There are also a few reviews that show some managers really don’t give a s**t. And after all, you’ve got to ask yourself why they would. If they’re running the only joint in the area, it doesn’t matter what their reviews say, people are gonna eat there.

Final thought: Have a squiz at these and let us know about your own experiences with weird deliveries, strange delivery drivers, or restaurants that just don’t give a f**k. See you in the comments section.

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