Boston Dynamics robots now do Parkour!

Credit: Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics robots now do Parkour!

By now, the advances Boston Dynamics are making with their robots aren’t exactly news to most people. We all know that they’ve got the bloody things doing some pretty f**ken cool stuff, and every time they let us know, people seem to be divided. Obviously, the average bloke is just like, ‘ah yeah, what are they doing now?’ but you always seem to get some who see it as the end of days. We’re not sure where we stand, but we do reckon it’s pretty cool to watch the robots do their thing.

This time, as advertised, the robots are busting out Parkour moves across an obstacle course. As you’ll see in the video, they run through a routine that’s kinda similar to what we’ve seen before, at least until the grand finale: both of ‘em perform double backflips.

Of course, the obvious question here is ‘why?’ If you’re cynical, you’re probably assuming there’s some sort of military use, but apparently, the chief answer to this is because it’s just a means to an end.

In the past, the company has said, “Ultimately, pushing the limits on a humanoid robot like Atlas drives hardware and software innovation that translates to all of our robots at Boston Dynamics.” Of course, testing the robots is also about keeping the engineers interested.

“The focus of these efforts are to select an application that can test the boundaries of the robot hardware (and associated control algorithms) while still being of interest to the robotics team,” reckons Ayanna Howard, dean of engineering at Ohio State University’s College of Engineering.

Of course, the video has led to the usual comments from viewers:

One Twitter user claimed that ‘Humanity was done for, while another pointed out the implications of this in a fair dinkum chase.

On the other side of that, though, some people are pretty impressed, stating they would love to see our technology in another thousand years.

Final thought: Yeah, we like the little nod in the quote that suggests this is more about the engineers seeing what they can do with the robots than any overarching goal. Still, let us know what you reckon. We’d love to hear it.

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