Aussie Supermarket Director had brutal response for hoarder returning goods

Credit: JP Drake/7 NEWS

Aussie Supermarket Director had brutal response for hoarder returning goods

Oi, do you f**ken legends remember a few weeks back when you couldn’t get dunny paper or hand sanitiser anywhere because bloody drongos thought it would be a good idea to hoard it and try to turn a profit? Yeah, nah, we know you do. We just want to get your blood boiling enough to really appreciate the smackdown in this video. Anyway, the bloody headline says it all, so let’s get this show on the road…

Over here in Ozzyland, one of our supermarkets is good old Drakes.

They’re not as ritzy as your big ticket Coles and Woollies type shops, but they f**ken go all right, and the company’s Supermarket Director, John –Paul Drake has a regular YouTube channel.

Credit: JP Drake

In one of his videos, he told a bit of a story about a deads**t hoarder who tried to return a f**kload of hoarded goods he couldn’t return. It all starts when he’s explaining the shop’s purchase limits.

“He said he wanted to get a refund on 150 32-packs of toilet paper and 150 units of one-litre sanitiser!” Then, raising his middle finger, Drake says, “I told him that!”

Credit: 7 NEWS

F**k yes, Shano. F**k yes, mate. “This sort of behaviour is disgraceful. He is the sort of person that’s causing the problems in the whole country.”

Continuing the story, Shane reckons the bloke came back the next day. “He had all the receipts, he came back and offered me a 30 per cent discount. We have only been selling these items one at a time. He would have had to have come in 150 times to buy them. That’s 150 (other) customers who have missed out. We’re all about supporting the local community. I want products bought here to stay here but this is ridiculous.”

Credit: JP Drake

Final thought: Yeah, look, we’re loving this. If you had to use leaves from the back yard as poo tickets, you should be too. These blokes should have known that the shortage was never gonna last. Seeing as they’re now stuck with the product – and the scorn of the nation – we hope they cop a lot more s**t yet!

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