Sheila live tweets from her bedroom as racoons break into her NY apartment

Sheila live tweets from her bedroom as racoons break into her NY apartment

While we’re obviously well-known for our animals here in Oz, there are some that, frankly, we’re thankful we don’t have to deal with. One of those critters is the racoon. Don’t get us wrong, we really like them. We love their cheeky attitude, we think they’re cute as hell, and from a distance, we bloody love them. But that’s the key phrase: from a distance. Yeah, nah, up close, they seem like hard work, and we are most definitely NOT about that. Anyway, here’s a story about racoons…

Rightio, as you’ve probably seen in tonnes of Ozzy’s videos, racoons really are nature’s cheekiest little buggers. They’re sly, they’re sneaky, they’re frequently brazen-as-f**k, and they should not be trusted under any circumstance.

Of course, this is half of what makes them delightful. They seem like they could be your friend, but they’re also devious little rogues, and you know that while they were fist-bumping you and hanging out, they’d also be robbing you blind and trashing the f**k out of your house.

But, despite it all, they’re very watchable, and as we mentioned before, from a distance, they’re amazing. So, when a sheila live-tweeted what happened when racoons broke through her roof, we were there for it.

Hailey Iliff started her Twitter thread with a simple enough tweet: “I came home from new york and a racoon fell through the roof above my bedroom.”

She followed up by stating that the Humane Society can’t help because it’s a mother racoon, and she’s been waiting for someone to come and get it. Of course, the open roof was only an invitation to the other racoons, and Haley lets people reading her thread know that it’s the racoons who trashed her room.

As you can see, they’ve done a bloody good job, even leaving a s**t on her bed. Eventually, though, the racoons were cleared out, leaving Haley to clean up the aftermath.

Final thought: Yeah, nah, racoons, great from a distance, but not much fun when they get in your bedroom and leave a steaming hot dump on your bed. Let us know what animals you’ve had break into your house. Leave your stories in the Facebook comments.

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