100 year old bloke asked the Internet for 101,000 likes after his birthday was cancelled

Credit: Twitter

100 year old bloke asked the Internet for 101,000 likes after his birthday was cancelled

The internet can be a fickle b*tch. We all know that it’s moods change with the shifting of the tides, and the sense of entitlement on social media like Twitter can often lead to strange and savage humours. So when a bloody centenarian had his birthday party cancelled as a result of the Corona virus, he was encouraged to hit Twitter up.

Now, you don’t need us to tell you that this can sometimes be a risky proposition. After all, asking strangers to do you a kindness these days is pretty f**ken rough. Of course, it didn’t take long for the legend to find himself getting roasted and memed. Yeah, nah, that didn’t happen. We’re just f**king with ya.

Obviously, the bloke got what he wanted: people everywhere acknowledged his existence and wished him a happy birthday. And in all seriousness, why the f**k not. When you’re that old, you’re entitled to have people celebrate, so the fact the bloody pandemic has put a stop to that is bulls**t.

Credit: Twitter/bluejaylover49

Yeah, nah, obviously, staying alive is better than getting sick as a beaten dog and dying, but at a 100 years old, Owen is pretty f**ken good at staying alive. Anyway, he posed for a photo while holding a sign that said, “Hello, I am Owen. I am turning 101 on March 31st. My party was cancelled because of social distancing. Help me celebrate by getting 101k likes/comments.”

Credit: Twitter/DaPugetSoundGrl/Nursemilissa

Thanks to his mate, UN worker Mohamad Safa, people jumped to support Owen. Yeah, nah, once Mohamad tweeted that s**t for everyone else, they were all over it like sunburn on a ranga. Have a f**ken squiz at these images and check the whole thing out.

Credit: Twitter/@mhdksafa

Final thought: Look, there’s a moral here: take your social distancing seriously. Even if you think your event is pretty f**ken important and don’t want it cancelled, just look to Owen and go, ah, yeah. And seriously, if Owen, who might not have many more birthdays to come can cancel his, you can to.

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