Pro sports gambler buys childhood team and turns them into real life “Moneyball” powerhouse

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Pro sports gambler buys childhood team and turns them into real life “Moneyball” powerhouse

We’re gonna hazard a guess and say that if you’re familiar with the term ‘moneyball’ you’ve considered trying to make it work. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not suggesting you have the money to do it, we’re just saying that you’re probably wondering what it’d be like if you did. The reason for that is pretty simple: when it pays off, it pays off big-time. Fortunately, there are people out there who’ve done it – one of whom is Brentford FC Owner Matthew Benham. This bloke turned a $700,000 investment into more than 300 million. Check it out…

All right, we’re not gonna sit here and rehash everything that you can read down below, but we will point out that this is a pretty f**ken remarkable story. Of course, it couldn’t be done without a little capital – and this really is an example of a bloke who’s living the dream, but still…

It’s pretty f**ken rad.

To give you the context on this one, Brentford will play in the English Premier League this coming season. That’s the biggest soccer league in England, and it’s home to some of the world’s biggest players.

Now, you might be shrugging your shoulders and saying, ‘yeah, but so what.’ And you’d be forgiven for thinking that. After all, that league’s got like twenty teams, so someone’s gotta be in it.

The thing is, the tiered football system in England means there are 92 teams in the top four leagues. When Benham took over at Brentford, they were facing relegation from Football League Two, the fourth tier division.

So, basically, they were right at the bottom of those 92 teams. Now, with promotion to the Premier League, they’re in the top twenty, and they’re in the money – even if they do find themselves relegated back a division at the end of the coming season.

Not bad work if you can get it.

Final thought: Yeah, f**k it, let’s spend a bit of time dreaming. What’s your sporting fantasy? Let us know in the comments section and we’ll all send a bit of positive thinking your way.

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