Bloke who forced air hostesses to wipe his ass mid-flight has died

Credit: The Central News Agency/China Spotlight

Bloke who forced air hostesses to wipe his ass mid-flight has died

You might remember the story of the filthy old bloke who terrorised air hostesses on a flight to Taiwan by forcing them to wipe his ass. The story dropped back in January and it made waves all over the world. With the fallout from that story still lingering in the air, the airline recently contacted his lawyer, asking him to inform the dirty bugger he was banned from flying with them, only to find out he had died in Thailand…

If you don’t remember this s**tty story, it took place on a flight to Taiwan.

Despite him releasing everything else, the airline had the class not to reveal his name, but the horror of his mighty turds still endures.

In fact, in a press conference regarding the incident, one of the flight attendants who’d had to put up with his crap, cried, saying, “I’ll never forget that moment: With his faeces still in the toilet, I had nowhere to escape.”

Credit: China Spotlight

The nightmare began when the obese old dude squeezed his way into the plane’s thunderbox and insisted the all-female cabin crew help him get his pants off because he’d hurt his hand and couldn’t do it himself.

He then laid cable, peeled off a chocolate banana, and drowned the brown turtle. Unfortunately for the flight staff, the porcelain wasn’t the only thing he punished.

He insisted the dunny door was left open because he had difficulty breathing.

Credit: China Spotlight

We’ve all been there, but forcing the stench on others just isn’t cool, right.

But, it still gets worse. Nah, yeah, he then insisted they wipe his arse for him.

When one of the attendants donned the latex and began poking around back there, he started moaning, saying, “Oh, mm, deeper, deeper.” When she was done, the cheeky prick insisted the work was of substandard quality and asked for her to have another crack at it.

Anyway, as we mentioned above, the airline finally tried to get in contact and inform him that he’d been banned from flying with them. That’s when they found out he’d coughed, farted and s**t himself one last time. He died while on holiday in Thailand in March.

With a final act of compassion, the airline will reimburse his family with the funds from his unused plane ticket.

Credit: The Central News Agency

Final thought: There’s really not too much to say here, but don’t you reckon the airline – and the family – should insist that the woman who did the wiping gets the ticket money. At least that way, something good might come from all this s**t.

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