Hong Kong activists prove to be bloody legends after these thoughtful actions

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Hong Kong activists prove to be bloody legends after these thoughtful actions

Protests are an interesting bloody thing. Obviously, they’re usually politically charged and things can be more than a little hostile. Unfortunately, things can sometimes get out of hand too. So in the light of recent protests in Hong Kong – that have been some of the biggest the city’s ever seen – it’s important to look at some of the great moments of humanity to come out of them. In particular, we’re gonna highlight a great little vid that shows the crowd parting like the curtains on a 90s haircut…

Obviously, you blokes and sheilas are fanging for some context here.

We can practically hear you going, ‘But, mate, we don’t watch the news. We don’t even know why they’re protesting.’

Well, don’t worry, we’ve got a half-assed explanation for you.

Hong Kong’s bloody massive protests are in response to an extradition law that Hong Kong’s leader, Carrie Lam, is trying to push through. They’re demanding she resigns and that the city abandons the bill. Some are saying she is a ‘propaganda machine of the PRC’ and you’d better believe they want her gone.

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Anyway, the protests, which have been pretty hectic, have also been praised for being pretty bloody amicable. Apparently, protesters are staying back overnight to clean the streets.

One kid who was there said:

“Yesterday’s protest was beautiful. The protesters were really polite. There were many older protesters as well – if they felt unwell, people around them would hold them up, offer water or bread, and tell others to be careful. It got pretty hot and stuffy whenever we had to wait in the same space for a while. When they saw small kids they helped fan them to cool them down.”

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In line with that kind of tops bloody attitude, they’ve also been praised for letting ambulances through without much hassle at all.

And, deadset, the footage down below shows how bloody great they are at making a nice little passage-way for ambulances.

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Ennie Chan, a bloke who was at the protest, said:

“I saw young people holding different bags to take trash away last night. There were a lot of people clearing rubbish. When ambulances came, people at the front would signal with their hands to people at the back to move back. People were definitely peaceful, but they were also angry.”

Watch the video down below and let us know what you reckon.

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Final thought: Obviously, there are a million facets to this story, but on a purely human level, you can’t fault people who’ve protested with all their heart and managed to keep looking after their fellow man. Bloody good stuff, Hong Kong. We approve.

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