Drunken football sheila fan breaks the laws of physics in men’s bathroom

Drunken football sheila fan breaks the laws of physics in men’s bathroom

One of the common things that men who are daunted by women like to use as a bloody strange badge of honour is the argument that at least they can pee standing up.

Well, he hate to piss on their parade, but while it’s commendable that these blokes have managed to master something most kids can do before their 2nd birthday, they might be surprised to know there are sheilas out there who can match them when it comes to having a big boy wee-wee.

What we will say is that while we know it’s not often you see a sheila walk into the men’s room and piss into the urinal, it’s not completely unheard of.

Nope, it’s actually been documented fairly recently.

Shortly after an NFL game between the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins, one sheila was seen showing the blokes that whatever they can do, she can also do.

Credit: Laces Out Show

Talk about an argument for equality down there in Florida.

And, yeah, we know the ‘This had to happen in Florida’ brigade are coming. We’ve come to know them well here on our channel, and considering some of the news that makes it our way via Florida, we’re beginning to understand why.

Anyway, the sheila holds a beer in one hand, positions herself over the pisser and goes tinkle. I don’t think we can say she syphons the python, but she’s not really popping a squat either. Nah, this chick is really challenging gender norms. What a f**ken revolutionary!

Credit: Laces Out Show

Anyway, while it’s going on, the blokes around seem to find it quite bloody amusing. One goes for the high-five. Others are cheering. It’s a classy moment.

Before we get too judgemental, though, let’s spare a thought for all the sheilas who have to stand in line to use the dunny. This chick is clearly an evolutionary specimen. There’s no need to line up for her. She can find a tree, drop her dacks and water the f**ken plants as well as any bloke.

Good s**t.

Credit: Laces Out Show

Final thought: Well, there’s not really too much you can say about this. We’re sure some folks will light up the comments with coherent thoughts about what would happen if the roles were reversed and they went into the women’s dunny, but credit where it’s due. This chick appears to have got it all in the dunny. I know dudes at work who can’t even manage that.

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