Car club members saw a video of a bullied kid, here’s how they responded:

Credit: TikTok/@Garnation

Car club members saw a video of a bullied kid, here’s how they responded:

As you probably know, we bloody love some good wholesome content here at Ozzy Man Reviews, and that’s exactly why this video made us so happy. Right after they saw a kid getting bullied online, the National Auto Sport Association decided to have a meet-up for the little dude and treat him to a great night in their cars.

This right here is the kinda juicy and wholesome content we love. Obviously, we fair dinkum love an awesome trip to Destination F**ked, but even more than that, we love an epic spin to Destination F**ken Awesome.

Credit: TikTok/@Garnation

For what it’s worth, the video we’ve got here for you is kinda vague in its presentation, but the point is pretty straightforward. As the video’s narrator explains…

“This kid was being bullied at school, so we decided to have a meet for him. He had a blast, and he made a lot of new friends too!”

As we said, it’s super wholesome s**t, and if you put yourself in the shoes of the kid, it’s gotta be a f**ken great experience.

Credit: TikTok/@Garnation

He looks like he’s loving sitting in those cars, hanging out with some older people who are treating him with respect and showing him that the haters don’t matter, and just generally being good people.

Honestly, while the unfortunate bullying is something that’s completely f**ked and won’t be completely erased by this, their choice to support him is exactly the sort of thing we reckon everyone should do.

Credit: TikTok/@Garnation

Deadset, if you see bullying happen, don’t be a bystander. Stick up for the victim. Say g’day to ‘em. Offer ‘em a midstrength beer if they’re over eighteen or a f**ken choccy milk if they’re not.

Final thought; Honestly, we reckon the world’s packed with more good people than it is s**t ones, but it doesn’t always feel that way to people who are being bullied by their peers. If you see it happening, call it out and act on it. That’s what top blokes and top sheilas do!

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