Brothers Convince Little Sister Of Zombie Apocalypse

Brothers Convince Little Sister Of Zombie Apocalypse

This is one of the funnest videos I’ve seen in a while.

There’s a lot of videos online of people being off their titties on medication after going to the dentist, but this one really raises the bar.

The effort these brothers have gone to in order to convince their little sister a zombie apocalypse has just started is top notch.

It’s cruel as fuck, but it’s a thing of beauty. I’ll trust they know their sister well enough to know it won’t leave any long lasting anxiety or stress for her.

She bloody handles it superbly to be fair.

The video is below. Enjoy:

Yeah, the video description says that this prank took place last week. I’d say they’ve spent a week editing and convincing her to let ’em put it online the cheeky bastards.

I love how she’s a no bullshit decision maker.

Cat or dog? Cat. No hesitation. Chocolate cake or Funfetti. Funfetti all the way. She shows that good leadership is due to being drugged up so you don’t overthink stuff. Confident decisions, one after the other, amazing shit.

The fact they got their mother involved is an amazing accomplishment as well.

If this turns out to be actors and a proof of concept for a larger zombie flick, I’m cool with that. Feels like a damn natural prank, though.

Nice one!

“I can say pants.”