Watch 4.5 metre ‘pi**ed off’ croc scare fisherman by ‘porpoising’

Credit: Alec Dunn

Watch 4.5 metre ‘pi**ed off’ croc scare fisherman by ‘porpoising’

Whether you reckon it’s deserved or not, you can’t deny that humans are a bit f**ken prejudiced when it comes to wildlife. Yeah, nah, when a dolphin gallivants around in the water and swims alongside a tinnie, everyone reckons it’s bloody bonza. When a saltwater crocodile does it – let alone a f**ken big one – everyone packs their dacks. So, have a look at this video and let us know whether you reckon it’s a bit cute or whether it’s a bit bloody scary…

For this one, we’re travelling to Queensland’s far north. It’s a spot that’s packed to the bloody rim with big bloody crocs, but it’s also a top fishing spot. And that’s exactly what brings Alec Dunn, a keen angler out on the water.

Credit: Alec Dunn/Facebook

On this particular trip, he’s travelling into the territory of a well-known local saltie, Tommy. Tommy, for what it’s worth, is a big bloody rig. At four-and-a-half metres long, he’s probably tipping the scales at somewhere around the half-tonne mark.

Better yet, his food is probably gonna consist of human-sized mammals. And, unfortunately for Alec, Tommy’s not in a good mood on the day. Yeah, nah, you could say he’s feeling a bit peeved.

Either way, upon seeing Tommy’s boat, he’s given the fisherman a big bloody scare. To start with, he shadowed the boat, swimming underneath it, before emerging from the water once the vessel reached the shallows.

Credit: robbyd223/Instagram

“He came up with this growl and locked eyes with me. I was only in a 3.5metre tinny and he cruised right next to me. It was interesting. He was gaffing it for that deep water. He was sizing me up and I thought he was going to go for the tinny, but lucky he didn’t.”

Yeah, we’ll say, have a look at the footage Alec caught of the big grumpy bastard. We’re not sure how long Alec stuck around for, but if that was us, we’d be getting the f**k out of the water and never coming back.

Credit: robbyd223/Instagram

A local croc expert reckons, “That’s an angry dive down, not one we usually see when they are just hiding. That’s a pi**ed off croc.”

Final thought: Yeah, look, going back to our earlier comment we know that a dolphin, unlike a saltie, isn’t going to feast on your dead body. We’re just saying that this croc might have just been saying hello. Don’t get us wrong, it probably wasn’t. We’re just saying it could have been…

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