Guy Tries To Start Fight But Gets Seriously F*cked  Up By “One Hitter Quitter”

Guy Tries To Start Fight But Gets Seriously F*cked Up By “One Hitter Quitter”

When watching a viral fight video on the internet, there are a few things that you can guess pretty accurately right off the bat:

1. If one guy is a lot bigger, he is the one who is probably going to get f*cked up the most.

2. If there is a bloke who is running his mouth off, then he has a high change of getting decked too.

3. If there is a bigger guy who is also running his mouth, then you can bet your house on him getting knocked the f*ck out.


This is one of those videos. The bigger, mouthier guy keeps teasing the other, chunkier bloke, to ‘pop him’. Big mouth doesn’t reckon the other guy can hit him, and is tempting him to have a go.

Well he does have a go.


First of all, we should point out that both of these guys are keeping their distance from one another, roughly two full strides, so it looks like its going to be a fairly benign confrontation. But before the bigger guy has a chance to tell him to pop off again, the chunkier bloke takes a full step forward, and then releases a super wide right armed haymaker (a classic winger).

Whilst not technically proficient, this is one of those shots that are all or nothing. Luckily, the mouthy fellah doesn’t move back, or to the side, or duck, or block, or anything. So he gets absolutely rocked, and gets folded like a deck chair.


After a good 30 seconds regaining consciousnesses, he gets up and we can see the biggest welt on his jaw where he got hit.

Watch the hit here:

H/T: UniLad